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Invader Zim Icontest!

Invader Zim Icontest
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Hello and Welcome to zim_icontest! This community was inspired
by the many icontest communities that i have been entering into and decided hey,
it would be could to have a Zim_Icontest community, and ta da! Zim_Icontest
was born. Sound like something that you want to be apart of?
Then go ahead and join! New Members are always welcome ^.^


(01) Icons must be 100x100
(02) File size must be less than 40k
(03) File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG
(04) Icons will be submitted to the challenge post through comments
(05) Respect the your Mod and Members
(06) You don't have to be a member to vote
(07) Please have you submitted icon be new, just for the challenge.
(08) If you see an icon that you would like to use, ask a mod to tell you who made it
and then get the designers permission.
(09) Don't vote for yourself
(10) Have fun!

Submission should look like THIS

Your Icon:
Icon URL: http://tinypic.com/ip7ars.png

Past Challenges:

Anything Goes
Close Up
Picture Challenge
Tiny Text

Mod & Banner Makers:

Current Mod:ailea
Banner Makers:ailea, toaster_phantom, greatestwish, & kumagorou_beam


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